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Brach Offices in India:

Acting as an extension of your foreign company, a Branch Office can execute a myriad of basic operations in India, from trading to consultancy. However, opening such an office requires meticulous adherence to regulations like the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), 1999.

Key Features of a Branch Office:

• Identity: Retains the same name as its foreign parent company.

• Financial Backing: The parent company must demonstrate a profitable trajectory for the past five years and maintain a net worth or paid-up capital of USD 100,000 or above as evidenced by the latest audited balance sheet.

Activities Permitted for a Branch Office in India:

• Professional or consultancy services.

• Import/export operations.

• Research in areas where the parent company operates.

• Representation of the parent company.

• IT and software services.

• Offering technical support for parent company products.